Rates & Billing

Rates are per standard page of 25 lines.*  If you are an agency, prices are negotiable!

$0.40 per page$0.55 per page$0.75 per page
Turnaround of 36-72 hoursTurnaround of 24-35:59 hoursTurnaround of 23:59 hours or shorter

*If the job has a different number of lines per page, the rate is determined to the nearest penny, as follows:  Dividing the standard, expedited, and daily rates by 25 lines per page yields 1.6 cents, 2.2 cents, and 3 cents per line, respectively.  For example, a job with 28-line pages, at the standard rate, would be charged $0.45 per page ($0.016 per line x 28 pages).

There is no extra charge for medical or technical jobs.  I am available on weekends and holidays.  I do not proofread using audio or create errata sheets at the moment.

New clients get the first 20 pages free.  If you refer a friend, you get 15% off the turnaround rate, provided the payment for the previous job is received.

Invoices are sent on the 1st and 15th days of the month.  Jobs are due 30 days after they are taken; there is a 10% late fee if payment is not received by the end of the due date.  “Dirty” jobs may be charged extra, and I will definitely let you know how much more before starting.

Upon accepting your job, I will send a detailed preference form for you to complete.  You could just submit the ASCII, but if you are interested in converting the ASCII to PDF before sending it to me (which is recommended), I will gladly send you the instructions to do so.  Your preferences are required for me to start proofing your job.

I accept payments via PayPal, Google Wallet, credit card, and checks payable to Abda Laurent.

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