About Me

Hello! I am a transcript proofreader based in West Hempstead, NY. Thanks to a lifelong love of reading, I am regarded as a great speller by my teachers, friends, and family.  Even as a young child, I would be annoyed by typos in a textbook, article, or book I was reading, so in a way I have been “proofreading” books in my head as long as I could read!

I am qualified by Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™, thousands of pages of proofreading experience, my years of reading, and also by my bachelor’s degree in computer science.  Proofreading is all about detail, much like programming.  With software and web development, the code must be free of typos and errors to run properly.  In a way, proofreading code is necessary to avoid syntax and runtime errors before they happen.

My proofreading training is based on Morson’s Guide for Court Reporters, The Gregg Reference Manual, Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation, and NCRA guidelines.  I acknowledge that every reporter has his or her own preferences, and I am more than willing to follow them.  Client preference is king!

The name “Abda”…

I get a lot of compliments about my name.  My mother named me after the daughter of a friend she had many, many years ago.  However, the friend and his wife went separate ways, and due to custody battles, neither my mother nor I have never met her.

My mother chose my name for two reasons.  First, there were too many members of her family sharing the same names.  Second, she found the name appealing.  In the context of my mother naming me, “Abda” does not mean anything.  However, one day I did a search on Google and found that it is a male Arabic and Hebrew name meaning “servant of God.” So I have now adopted this meaning.
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